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The fastest way to refinable, durable and evolution-resistant textual syntaxes for EMF models!



The easiest way to install EMFText is to Drag this link to a running Eclipse Indigo or Juno instance (e.g., to the title bar):


This does install the EMFText SDK. If you'd also like to install example DSLs or other tools from the EMFText update site, you should use the Eclipse Update Manager (see below). EMFText and its source can also be obtained from GitHub (see even further below).

If you like EMFText, please add it to your favorites on Eclipse Marketplace.

Installation via Eclipse Update Manager

The easiest way to install the current release is to use the Eclipse Update Manager directly from Eclipse.

If you have not installed the Eclipse platform yet. go to and download the appropriate version for your platform.

After unzipping, start Eclipse and follow these instructions:

Select Help > Software Updates > Find and Install... from Eclipse's menu.

Select Software Updates from the Eclipse help menu.

In the next dialog mark Search for new features to install. and continue with next >.

The next step is to configure a New Remote Site... with the following parameters:

Latest Stable Release

Create a new Remote Site for EMFText.

Nightly/Continuous Build

Download Release

You can also download the current and older releases directly from the archive. After downloading, move the extracted jar files into your Eclipse plugin and feature folders. Note that you will have to install all dependencies manually.

Maven Repository

You can include some EMFText artifacts from one of our Maven repositories:

Source from GIT

To obtain the latest source, one can clone the EMFText repository at GitHub. Several modules, each representing an Eclipse project, are available. The easiest way to compile the source is to access the GIT repository using Eclipse. To compile the EMFText sources, you need to have all the above mentioned plugins installed. The easiest way to ensure this is to first install EMFText using the update manager as discussed above.

To check out the different modules as Eclipse projects use the following URLs

Checkout the desired modules from the location.


Tip: Install EMFText using the Eclipse Update Manager as described before to resolve the dependencies during the installation process automatically.

EMFText integrates into the Eclipse Platform (v3.4+). Once you have installed Eclipse, you can use its Update Manager to install EMFText and its dependencies. We recommend to use the latest Eclipse Release - Eclipse Juno.

EMFText depends on (will be automatically installed when using the Eclipse Update Manager):

EMFText makes use of the ANTLR language recognition tool ( for text parser generation. Version 3.4.0 of ANTLR is re-distributed with EMFText.